Angela Haywood and Soul Expression


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Angela Haywood – Vocals

Originally from Seattle, Angela’s soulful voice brings to life the power and intent of her musical influences, such as Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, and Susan Tedeschi. Angela spent 4 years in the Northern Virginia / Washington, D.C. area drawing crowds form the Maryland shore to West Virginia. She always leaves the crowd wanting more.


Craig Jahne – Guitar / Vocals

Craig started his musical endeavor in the 4th grade playing violin in the school orchestra. His love for music continued through high school, where he picked up the guitar and left his violin for higher grounds, His musical influences include Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, and Stevie Ray Vaughn, just to name a few. He has played with several local Portland area groups, including the Rock Doctors, and he currently plays a guitar that he built himself, and does his own amp modifications to bring his music to life. 


Nelson Friedman – Drums

Nelson has been drumming since the third grade, his love for rock, funk and blues has driven him into a variety of musical projects over the years, both professionally and just for fun. As an avid vintage drum collector he is always on the lookout for interesting drums and percussion instruments and likes to use them in his performances. In recent years he has played with Lady Star, Tracy Niles and Bad Habit in San Diego, The Rock Doctors and now with Angela Haywood in Portland. 


Steve Ellingson – Keyboards and Guitar

Steve has played clubs from Hawaii to Wyoming.  His music career started while still in high school with Montage, a hard-driving rock cover band.  Upon graduation, he moved on to playing full time in various Rock, Top 40, Funk and Soul Bands.  Previous bands included Seattle/Tacoma’s Jonah’s Whale and Pazazz, and more recently the Portland original band, Dorado. One of Steve’s more memorable musical experiences was jamming with Keyboardist/Songwriter David Paich. of Toto  Steve’s influences include everyone from Jimmy Smith and Joe Zawinul to Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Django Reinhardt.


Tim Jolley – Bass / Vocals

 Tim started his musical journey playing guitar in high school, in Reno, Nevada, and running the sound and mixing board for a high school sponsored band. He has been a music enthusiast his entire life, and decided to put down the traditional guitar and pick up the bass guitar in 2007. His “less is more” grooves puts a solid rhythm behind the bands soulful music. He played all over the Virginia / Maryland / Washington, D.C. area, with 2 local bands, and now in Portland with “Angela Haywood and Soul Expression”. His musical roots sprung from various musical genres from Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz, and Classical music.  


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